Friday, November 14, 2008


Felting is part of my therapy. I find it relaxing because I can be doing something creative while sitting in hours of stop-and-go traffic, or during my lunch break I can sit outside and knit. I am stuck on making large tote bags of my own design. It is not hard, a bottom with sides. Each one is a little different because I experiment with size each time.

My grown son happened to be visiting one night when I finished knitting the first bag. It was about 18" wide and 3’ tall, with a gauge that made it look like a fishing net. The knitted handles stretched about a foot with the weight of the bag as I held it in front of him. He had a puzzled look and stated “I hope you don’t expect me to wear that”. What!? He thought he was looking at a fishnet tank top that I had just knitt
ed especially for him. In his defense, growing up with an artistic mother, he has been subjected to my oddball creativity and humor.

Leaving him to wonder, I went to my studio/washroom to felt the cast net. I placed the bag on the table with a bc card to give you a scale of it. Here it is pre-washed:

I grabbed his jeans and added them to the wash. My girlfriend Kim said it helps with the agitation (felting process). Bag then comes out like this:

This is only my second felt job. I am concerned. So I proceed to block it. Son is relieved that this is no longer a wearable item. We end up with this:

This bag is a mangle of left over wool skiens, so the colors are impromptu. I thought it might be a bit much, but I have received several complements on it. I sewed my personal dress label (from back when I made custom children's clothing) inside it, it looks like it was meant to be.

I like this stress relief program much better than stuff like Prozac. I dry my son's jeans and he discovers large wads of felted wool in the pockets. I think it keeps him on his toes around me. Those damn artists!


Silly Bee's Chickadee said...

This is very cool. I have seen some step-by-step tutorials on flickr and other blogs in the past. I really want one of these Noni bags. If you find one of the patterns and feel like doing another project, I will gladly pay!

pleintexas said...

Wow Mel—These are gorgeous! It makes me want to knit a pile of flower petals. Pretty!

kwoolf said...

This is soooo cute! Make me one!
I have some bowls that I have knit but haven't felted yet. I also talk with some ladies at the yarn shop and they said that my water in the machine is not hot enough and to try felting on the stove. That sounds dangerous to me.......