Thursday, May 28, 2009

Glamour Shots has nothing on this...

I went to my favorite porch/barn spot to take baby pictures for my dear readers, family and friends. I don't think I could be more infatuated than I am right now. I cannot get over her bone structure, the beautiful hound profile and large patty feet, and pooling flesh. She already walks and talks with food and water in her mouth, leaving baby snail trails. The mop has not been put up since she arrived this weekend. HoneyBelle is 9 weeks old today. What a babe! It is hot down here already and I wear cotton dresses because I have gotten too fat for shorts and it is too hot for denim. I am laid out on this porch like a fish on a cutting board, praying that the dress is still down by my knees as I take these photos. She kept trying to crawl on top of me and I am trying to keep her at arms length. My photography assistant got married and moved away (my daughter) so I am winging this on my own. I think my favorite is the top one. I love the bassets profile.

Tuesday, May 26, 2009

HoneyBelle Home!

I don't think I have ever seen anything cuter than a litter of basset puppies. My intention was to take more pictures to post on this blog, but that would have required putting puppies down and I simply could not do that. So here are a few. I find myself rocking her in the rocker like a swaddled baby. She is vocal and has all kinds of verbalizations, which I love. We are completely besotted. Ruby took to her right away and they are always together. I had to leave her today and go to work, but she has plenty of company. I cannot wait to get home to hold her. I caught my 260 pound boyfriend on his hands and knees gently stroking her to sleep, whispering endearments to her. Slaves, we are.

Meeting Auntie Ruby.

A well earned nap. We cannot keep our hands off her. I will post some better close ups to share, I have an idea on how to take them.

Friday, May 22, 2009

Memorial Day

We are a military family. My son-in-law is a Warrant Officer in the Army, my daughter and Army veteran, and my son a Marine Corps veteran. All have served multiple tours to Iraq and Afghanistan. It is a blessing that they are still alive. I cannot be more proud of my children and how they have served their country without question. Sadly, they have lost good friends and been to several burials and wakes. I honor them and all that serve, and understand the sacrifices made by the families at home.

In 2005 I sent all 3 to war at the same time that January and I thought I was going to have a nervous breakdown that year. It has been a life changing event. By the time my son was 23 he had served 3 long hard tours, and it shows. He has had 7 concussions and a laundry list of other injuries. His veteran friends are injured as well and they take care of each other. A friend that lost his arms to an RPG is never without help in anything he needs. Another has been pieced together from a mortar blast. He is in his second year of college working on his degree. They work out faithfully to keep his lung capacity growing. Another was lost this year to a fast cancer that killed him within 2 months. The list goes on. They all have nightmares that "Haji" has caught them. While driving, something as simple as litter blowing across the road sends them into a sweat and they are always looking around.

The photo has my son-in-law as a pall bearer. The casket contains a young Army Private from Alabama. God Bless our Soldiers and their families.

One Day Left

I pick up HoneyBelle from her breeder tomorrow morning. I can't sleep, I don't eat. My friends come bearing gifts (basset shower) and keep announcing how many days until we bring her home. I woke up abruptly about 4 a.m. and thought "I pick up HoneyBelle today" and then realized I had another day of work. But just one. Her pictures are posted on my office wall, refrigerator, in my purse, on my computer screen. I am clean ate up with hound love. I keep telling Ruby "baby sister will be here soon" and she does laps around the yard. She will soon have a 10 pound roll of fur and ears to fuss over and clean. New toys and crate fill the back seat of the truck. I have become friends with her breeder and she teasingly asks if I will be there at sunrise. I asked her how early does she get up. She already has an appoinment with Dr. Campbell to continue her heartworm preventative and puppy pack. I am glad I have a 3 day weekend to spend it with the girls. I will share her new photos with you all as soon as possible. Have a safe Memorial Day weekend.

Friday, May 15, 2009

Eat Local

My grandaughter loves strawberries. I buy flats to freeze, can and simply eat. We take the hulls and put them in the compost pile. It is just plain good. Here is a before and after the red feast. The second photo she is gorged and pondering her Breyer horse herd. Have a safe weekend.

Friday, May 8, 2009

Angelina Jolie Lips

I cried tears of joy when I saw this photo. What a gorgeous girl! What a velvet face—and look at those lips! Getting my drool rags ready! And I find it amazing how these long, little ears can slide. My bassets were grown and from rescues, so HoneyBelle is my first run around the block with a baby basset. Her breeder has been sending me photos and keeping me posted with her "firsts". Tonight I go home to make some stuffed, quilted cage liners. You know, the fake fur pads with the tube roll around the edge that fit inside crates and carriers. I got to looking at the ones I had and thought I would try my hand at it. I have plenty of scrap fabric to utilize. She gets to come home Memorial Day weekend—I am counting the days!

Thursday, May 7, 2009

Western Swing

I was so excited to find a vintage 1945 men's western shirt pattern. I put it in a ziploc bag after it was scanned. This photo will get framed and placed on the wall in my studio. Even my son thought this was a pretty cool find. He enjoys wearing western cut, snap shirts when he dresses up. We dress funny like that down here. My overalls are getting thread bare, I need to get 2 more, and sadly, another size larger...

Wednesday, May 6, 2009

Texas Bar BQ

I love catching strange signage, and this is no exception. The only thing missing is a neon dancing pig. If I told my Yankee friends about this, they would accuse me of lying. You can't make stuff like this up. This is a BQ joint in North Houston, Texas.

Monday, May 4, 2009

New Digs

Ruby is posing with her new collar from Kyra's The Mod Dog Etsy shop. She has the most attractive ribbon and her quality is professional. The collars are custom made for each pet. Ruby is an active girl so her collars get thrown in the wash to brighten them back up. Honeybelle will be sporting a ribbon collar with honeybees on it. She will be to-die-for cute. The bonus is Kyra makes a percentage donation to her local rescue in Georgia. Even more reason to buy from her. Here is her link for your shopping pleasure.