Friday, August 6, 2010

Grandaughter Scrap Quilt

I made the first official scrap quilt for my grandaughter with her fabrics. Even my son-in-law's eyes lit up when he recognized the different squares as previous dresses, tote bags, sleeping bags, crib quilts, and lap quilts. My grandaughter had a fit, as we say down south. That is Sassy Sophie modeling the quilt for us. I think I had to get 8 photos to catch her still and looking towards me. I hope she still enjoys this quilt as an adult. It should last for her. I love you my doll.

Wednesday, January 27, 2010

January Sunset

Mother Nature was showing out on the way home Monday night. It was quite beautiful. I was able to pull over and get a good photo on my way home from work. I grabbed some giant pinecones for the grandkids to help them make suet bird feeders for Kansas.

Tuesday, January 5, 2010

Happy New Year 2010

I was able to spend the end of 2009 and the beginning of 2010 with my daughter and her family. It made me very, very happy. I delivered another homemade quilt to another grandchild. They absolutely glow when looking at it.

December in SE Texas has set weather records. We had a first time ever snowfall. Then while in Kansas a few weeks later I got to experience what a negative degree feels like outside. Dear-God-Have-Mercy. That was shocking. Here are 2 snow pictures.

The old Ford in Texas wet snow.

The new Chevy in Kansas dry snow.

Friday, July 17, 2009

Her Own Blog

Well, it is up and official. I don't have any gadgets and extra's on it yet. I want to make her a personalized header as well. But she is up and posting and here is her link:

Great Slobberfest photos, Tina! I am so glad you were able to attend. I would love to come up next year. Honeybelle would be about 1.5 years old. The contests sound like a lot of fun, especially come when called—ha!!

I cannot get over people that scream, especially over drool. What is the big deal? Glad to hear we are not the only ones suffering from strange family behavior, thanks for the drool share Martha and Bailey! A ceiling contact, that is impressive. Gives HoneyBelle a goal to reach.

Have a safe weekend everyone!

Thursday, July 16, 2009


Honeybelle cut her first real impressive drip. True basset viscocity, nice color, extruding from right side flabber-jabber. I am sure it was a good 4" drool dangler in length. I grabbed the camera to share this impressive first with her fans, but a high pitched scream rattled me. My niece was shreiking like a boa constrictor was coiling around her (maybe she thought the drool would take on a life of its own?). I think she said OHMYGOD real fast about 10 times and each time the pitch increased. "She's drooling!!" Lucky for her Honeybelle did not shake/break and send it flying through the air to land on her. I don't know how this child came from our gene pool. My sister and I are pretty tough birds and this girl needs a cold compress if the wind changes direction too fast. I grabbed the handy drool/mop wrag and wiped my baby's jowls and told the girl to quit scaring my baby. Now that I think about it, I should have taken video of this. On mute.

Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Might as well...

give HoneyBelle her own blog. It has turned into that, hasn't it? I will start developing her blog today and work on the graphics. Amazing how we become so devoted to this breed. I have had dogs my entire life and the bassets I get plain stupid over. I have had dogs that did not drool, stink, demand all furniture as their very own property, or boss me. A basset will look you right in the eyes and give you the once over tongue lashing—aaaroooorooooroooo!! Our basset hound rescue is begging for fosters and I have decided to make another kennel beside my existing one, so there will be 2 side by side. I have the room to foster 2 bassets along with Ruby and Honeybelle. But since Honeybelle is a baby we had to postpone bringing anyone in from the shelters until she had her complete puppy shot package. Which she completes this weekend! I will post her personal link probably by this weekend for all her friends. Have a good week Martha and Bailey, Honeydew and Sampson, Clemmie and Blue!

Wednesday, July 8, 2009

Yard Helper

My doll is a good helper. Saturday morning we were up early restaking/stringing the tomato plants. She is right there running circles around me. We hoed the garden, fixed plants, watered. I emptied my apron pocket of garden contents on the middle of the bench (that has previously been out of her reach). I went back for the string and the pile had been pilfered. Tossed to the ground and strung about. Could not find the string. "HoneyBelle—momma is looking for you!" Look what I found:
Then she promptly tossed the string and acted like she was busy stretching after a long nap. "What string—I do not see any string!"This is a frequent scenario. My gosh, what she can get into is amazing. We went back to work and she likes to jettison through the sprinkler, becoming a short, long mud ball.We finish outside, I bring her in and bath her complete with the ear and nail job. She is so wore out she has to lay down to eat. I am beginning to drag and it is only 10:00 a.m. We love HoneyBelle.