Friday, August 6, 2010

Grandaughter Scrap Quilt

I made the first official scrap quilt for my grandaughter with her fabrics. Even my son-in-law's eyes lit up when he recognized the different squares as previous dresses, tote bags, sleeping bags, crib quilts, and lap quilts. My grandaughter had a fit, as we say down south. That is Sassy Sophie modeling the quilt for us. I think I had to get 8 photos to catch her still and looking towards me. I hope she still enjoys this quilt as an adult. It should last for her. I love you my doll.


Anonymous said...

OH that is just sooo beautiful!!

Mandy said...

This is very pretty. You did a fantastic job! I sympathize on the getting your pet to pose properly too.

deColourant said...

Such a sweet piece for your granddaughter to enjoy her whole life. My aunt created one for me a few years back and it is one of my favorite things I own.
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