Thursday, May 28, 2009

Glamour Shots has nothing on this...

I went to my favorite porch/barn spot to take baby pictures for my dear readers, family and friends. I don't think I could be more infatuated than I am right now. I cannot get over her bone structure, the beautiful hound profile and large patty feet, and pooling flesh. She already walks and talks with food and water in her mouth, leaving baby snail trails. The mop has not been put up since she arrived this weekend. HoneyBelle is 9 weeks old today. What a babe! It is hot down here already and I wear cotton dresses because I have gotten too fat for shorts and it is too hot for denim. I am laid out on this porch like a fish on a cutting board, praying that the dress is still down by my knees as I take these photos. She kept trying to crawl on top of me and I am trying to keep her at arms length. My photography assistant got married and moved away (my daughter) so I am winging this on my own. I think my favorite is the top one. I love the bassets profile.


Martha Basset said...

HoneyBelle is good enought to eat! Just loving every little bit of her too! Basset feet are my favourite - they are just so - well - ploddy!
Enjoy your beautiful puppy xxxx

Tina. said...

Lovely photos! She is a jewel and I don't know how you keep from hugging her all the time!

P.S. (Right there with you on the skirt vs. shorts!)