Friday, May 22, 2009

One Day Left

I pick up HoneyBelle from her breeder tomorrow morning. I can't sleep, I don't eat. My friends come bearing gifts (basset shower) and keep announcing how many days until we bring her home. I woke up abruptly about 4 a.m. and thought "I pick up HoneyBelle today" and then realized I had another day of work. But just one. Her pictures are posted on my office wall, refrigerator, in my purse, on my computer screen. I am clean ate up with hound love. I keep telling Ruby "baby sister will be here soon" and she does laps around the yard. She will soon have a 10 pound roll of fur and ears to fuss over and clean. New toys and crate fill the back seat of the truck. I have become friends with her breeder and she teasingly asks if I will be there at sunrise. I asked her how early does she get up. She already has an appoinment with Dr. Campbell to continue her heartworm preventative and puppy pack. I am glad I have a 3 day weekend to spend it with the girls. I will share her new photos with you all as soon as possible. Have a safe Memorial Day weekend.


Tina. said...

Oh I am so excited! One more day and can't wait to see the homecoming pics! Nothing like a basset hound puppy or grown puppy! Enjoy!

Martha Basset said...

So thrilled for you - hope we can share in HoneyBelle's homecoming - we do so adore basset hound puppies!!!!
That means today is the day!!! You will be collecting Honeybelle as I blog........
Safe homecoming xxxx