Thursday, July 16, 2009


Honeybelle cut her first real impressive drip. True basset viscocity, nice color, extruding from right side flabber-jabber. I am sure it was a good 4" drool dangler in length. I grabbed the camera to share this impressive first with her fans, but a high pitched scream rattled me. My niece was shreiking like a boa constrictor was coiling around her (maybe she thought the drool would take on a life of its own?). I think she said OHMYGOD real fast about 10 times and each time the pitch increased. "She's drooling!!" Lucky for her Honeybelle did not shake/break and send it flying through the air to land on her. I don't know how this child came from our gene pool. My sister and I are pretty tough birds and this girl needs a cold compress if the wind changes direction too fast. I grabbed the handy drool/mop wrag and wiped my baby's jowls and told the girl to quit scaring my baby. Now that I think about it, I should have taken video of this. On mute.


Martha Basset said...

Your niece and my daughter in law sound about the same!!
Drives me mad!
Make sure you always have that camera at the ready - HoneyBelle's fan club awaits!
We still have spots on the ceiling from Harry (predecessor) and his drool - neither Martha nor Bailey have achieved his success!

Tina. said...

Oh My gracious, I am laughing so hard! Great descriptions, I can see the scene perfectly!!!! Too funny! Thank you for my laugh of the day!