Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Might as well...

give HoneyBelle her own blog. It has turned into that, hasn't it? I will start developing her blog today and work on the graphics. Amazing how we become so devoted to this breed. I have had dogs my entire life and the bassets I get plain stupid over. I have had dogs that did not drool, stink, demand all furniture as their very own property, or boss me. A basset will look you right in the eyes and give you the once over tongue lashing—aaaroooorooooroooo!! Our basset hound rescue is begging for fosters and I have decided to make another kennel beside my existing one, so there will be 2 side by side. I have the room to foster 2 bassets along with Ruby and Honeybelle. But since Honeybelle is a baby we had to postpone bringing anyone in from the shelters until she had her complete puppy shot package. Which she completes this weekend! I will post her personal link probably by this weekend for all her friends. Have a good week Martha and Bailey, Honeydew and Sampson, Clemmie and Blue!


Martha Basset said...

Oh how exciting - of course HoneyBelle must have her own blog!!
Our mum says you have to be a certain kind of person to appreciate the delights of the basset!
Not house proud for sure - not looking for a dog you can control etc etc.
You know all that - good luck with fostering!
Martha & Bailey xxx

Tina. said...

Lolololol, It didn't take long did it! Hence the title of my blog! Sampson and HoneyDew can't wait to see Honey Bele's blog. Check out this thursday's DOT post it is all about the slobberfest 2009, which is a rescue charity event for bassets!

Janine said...

She is adorable!! Bassets will take over your life won't they? ENJOY!