Friday, March 6, 2009


We love our hounds, they become part of our family nucleus. I have enjoyed teaching my grandchildren that bassets are special. And they agree. My grandkids can spot a basset faster than our eyes can adjust. I believe it is impossible to be depressed if you have a basset in the home. Or lonely. Or be bored. And you will have basset stories to last a lifetime.

Here is one: I discovered a cluster of children sitting indian style around basset in the yard. They were taking turns using the long ears to rub on their checks. "Look!" "Her ears are just like that velvet stuff!" So I had to sit down and do an ear rub also. Yep, velvet.

Here is another: I have church guests over, we are sitting in the living room visiting. My big KatieBelle saunters in to the middle of the room, gives a brisk shake, and a large globule of saliva goes soaring across (in slow motion) and splats on the front shoulder of the victim. Luckily my good friend works for a veterinarian, so we mop her with a dish towel and all is well.

I have been bassetless for about 4 years now and it is time for me to move forward. I had some wonderful news this week, and I think by the end of May my life will be dominated by a basset. We cannot hardly wait.


lowdogs said...

I think that random fling of Basset drool could be a fun party game. Like spin the bottle. Who's the slobber going to pick?....why, it's YOU, lucky guest, and here's your prize: some Basset fur stuck to your socks! Woot!

Martha Basset said...

Hi there
Thought we would pop over. Totally agree with everything you say about bassets! Sorry to read that you are currently bassetless - not good - have tried it! Still crying over my dearly loved old friend.
Can't wait until the end of May for you!
Nice to meet you xx