Friday, March 20, 2009

Texas Gardening

I love to garden. And I can do it all year. In the winter, I will move plants around that may not have done well in the particular spot I planted it. When the plant tag says full sun—does that mean full sun in Ohio, or our incinerator blast furnace heat we have in South Texas. There is a big difference. So I work on doing native and xeriscape planting. If you have been reading my blog you know that I compost like a mad woman. Mulch, too. And boy do the Texas critters enjoy it. I get ravaged by fire ants, stung by wasps, threatened by Palmetto bugs and here is what happened to me when I went to move the Bulbine.

I did not notice anything strange until the plant root flicked its tongue at me. Yes, that is a snake. Baby, albeit.

And lucky for it (and me...) a harmless brown garden snake. I was grabbing for the hoe and jumping backwards at the same time. I am hollering for Sam to bring the camera. Blog material. He is asking "why inthehell do you want me to take a picture of plant roots!?" Sweet Jesus, he says, when he sees the root/snake curl around.

So I toss the snake out in the field, plant the bulbine, refresh my iced tea and call it a day. Hope you all have a good weekend out there.


Tina. said...

Oh my gracious! Not funny when happening I am sure but LOLOLOLOLOLOLOLOL now!

I know, some friend I am! But at least it was a non-venomous snake, it wouldn't have been funny at all if it was...ok maybe just a long as no one was hurt!

So what kind of plant is that one? My Dad lived in Houston for years. Loved the monkey grass and day lillies he said they did well.

And yes mine is a crocus. Just one so far the rest are just coming out of the ground.

Martha Basset said...

Oh my goodness, I love gardening but am bad enough with worms. I would have died!!
I know what you mean about moving the plants - I do it all the time. I have one plant I must photograph when it is in flower. It was in our front garden for years without a blossom - moved to the back garden and it is gorgeous.
Have a nice weekend. xx

tipper said...

Neat photo-you can hardly make out the snake-it blends in so well!