Monday, March 2, 2009

How Was Your Weekend?

More leaves I picked up from a neighbor.

It is a polite question that coworkers ask each other on a Monday morning. I am so tired I can hardly walk. My hands are callosing from raking leaves. I had a good weekend. Call me crazy, but the only thing I missed was running out of time for baking the new yeast roll recipe I found.

I have an obsession for composting. I get excited when the worms start showing up in it. It is labor intensive and that is how I get my exercise. Turning compost, adding more nitrogen (Lucy and Lacy's rabbit poop), shuffling in the coffee grinds that I have absconded from work. One friend is a vegetarian and me brings bags of vegetable and fruit peelings. After months of working a pile of leaves you can lose a kindergarten class in, I have Black Gold.

My seed orders have came in and I have started my seed peat pots. My son has a 1980 K5 Chevy Blazer that we keep covered until he can restore it. He doesn't know it—but I have turned it into a greenhouse. There is a row of seed trays geminating on the dash where the sun shines on it. It is working perfectly. Kind of a strange dichotomy though, a gas guzzling Chevy truck being used as a greenhouse for Mom's organic garden. I like it. I also store the rabbits hay in the back of it, he doesn't know that either.

Have a good week, my friends.

Pile of seeds from friends and catalogs.

I will have Purple Coneflowers coming out of my ears. 90% came up from seed. Go Blazer Greenhouse!


Tina. said...

What a nifty idea! Both the green house effect and the storing of the hay!

I have been trying to watch for things to make a cold frame out of.

I don't have any extra cars sitting about. But your suggestion does encourage me to look at things differently that I may have about.

Have a great day!

tipper said...

I'm jealous of your free leaves!! I compost but just get to use my own items. Neat post!