Tuesday, June 9, 2009

Hard work being a Baby

HoneyBelle is a true hound. She is already following scents, digging, treeing rodent squirrels, playing, getting dirty, eating and sleeping. I am landscaping around a dog kennel area to be used for fosters and she in the middle of the job, digging and snorting. She wears herself out and curls up by me, so I place her in an outdoor chair to nap. HoneyBelle has a fan club of all ages. Even grown men become childish and enamoured of her jumbo marshmallow feet and auburn eyelashes.

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Martha Basset said...

Look how big she is!!! Amazing - in a matter of weeks she must have doubled in size. How gorgeous she is - love your description of marshmallow feet! Feet are just my favourite, well then there are the ears, the big droopy eyes, the little legs........Ok I'll stop you know I think HoneyBelle is BEAUTIFUL!
Martha, Bailey & Mum xxxx