Thursday, January 8, 2009

Apron Strings

I have always been a big fan of aprons. Multi-purpose, functional and creative outerwear. As a child growing up in the 70’s, I had 2 terry cloth aprons with silk screened images. One apron had Snoopy dancing with a dog bowl and the other was the classic gold and brown mushroom (so I could match my mother's stoneware mushroom canister set…).

I love to cook for my family. My grandkids have figured out that I am the only grandmother that w
hips up the meals for them. One early morning while the bacon was frying and the waffles were waffling, the guinea pig was slipped into my apron pocket by my 6 year old granddaughter as she announced “you now have a pig in your pocket!”

Aprons are catch-all’s. I have gathered eggs, wiped faces, kept cooking splats off my day clothes, carried chicks or anything that needed toting. I have one apron used for plein air painting.
Generations of women before me have pioneered this piece of fabric. And trust me, I know a woman had to invent it. I have started making old fashioned aprons with left over fabric and notions. Here are a few to share with you. Minus the pocket pig…


kwoolf said...

I recognize the "veggie" fabric on the second apron. These are so cute! Make me one!!!!

pleintexas said...

Yeah! I put it to good use, didn't I? You would love this cool apron book I found at Michael's. It is so you—I wish we lived near each other again.

Silly Bee's Chickadee said...

I love this post! Especially the pig in a pocket. Yesterday I was bopping around with Mom and we saw the cutest aprons at Sur la Table. Check them out: