Monday, January 12, 2009

Giddings, Texas

I love small town America. When I drive through these towns, my mind cannot keep up with all the cool things I am seeing. I have to stop and keep making blocks to take more pictures of unique ephemera. I am not talking about places to shop, I am talking about the kitchy, local architecture, cupolas, peeling paint, abandoned buildings with just the right amount of weeds covering it. Or things that you will find only in the South. My poor kids had a helluva time growing up with me. They have experienced what it is like to live with an artist. I am now tormenting the next generation, my grandkids. I have to get them trained right, to see beauty in so much that has been discarded and taken for granted. They are getting it.

Giddings, Texas caught my eye this weekend. Here are some cool shots to share with you.

Lee County Courthouse clock tower.

Nicely illustrated postcard mural.

Magnolia Petrol complete with petroleum Peagasus. I have some good close-ups of the horse to integrate into an art quilt. I need to go back and plein air paint this station.

Where petroleum comes from. I grew up playing around these loud groaning, creaking horse heads. I thought every kid in America had these in their backyard. Alas, my family did not own the rights to the liquid underneath (dammit!).

A good ole' tent rival waiting for you sinners out there. Can you see the trailer behind the tent? Someone dropped it in a hurry. I had a full shot of the listing trailer beside the tent and it was scary. Only thing missing were the Pentecostals and snakes.

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Silly Bee's Chickadee said...

I love that mural! My favorite thing to do in old towns is to walk around the town square. You can usually find a soda fountain and a tea room.

Snakes in a tent!