Wednesday, January 28, 2009

More Eggs

I lost my mind again. Or got it back depending on how you look at this. I placed an order for chicks. Peeps-in-a-box. I cannot remember the last time I was this excited. The men in my family love pickled quail eggs. Pop it in your mouth and go. Which reminds me of the time I was showing my 3 year old granddaughter some finch eggs I had scooped out of their nest. I remember it perfectly, her beautiful little pixie face and big blue eyes listening intently to my description of baby bird eggs. I asked if she wanted to hold one and before I could take a breath, she plucked an egg out my cupped hand and popped it in her mouth like a Tic Tac. I don’t think it even touched her tongue before going down her throat. I never saw that coming, and neither did the egg.

Anyway, I was looking to get 50 quail to put in a hutch and raise for eggs and meat. I find out that the quail I want do not ship until May. So I keep looking at different fun bird things and I discover “The Rainbow Mix”. The breeder selects hen chicks that will lay an assortment of browns, whites, speckled and blue-greens. They jump into my shopping cart button. I click another button and I get a surprise “fancy” chick added to my order. One that will have flowing tail feathers or a gussied top knot. I click more buttons. I end up with a certificate needed if I want to show any of my birds. More buttons clicked and everyone is inoculated against Mareks and coccidiosis. When do you want this shipped? As soon as possible, silly. Click. Click.

You won’t catch me shopping in a mall. I liken that experience to standing in a fire ant bed. I get almost everything I need from Farm and Fleet stores. Which I need to stop at tonight to get a new heat lamp. Got peeps on the way.

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Carrie said...

LOL!! OMG, poor little unborn finchlette! The little thing apparently just wasn't long for this world! Well, not as a birdie anyway, maybe just as a breath mint!

Oh my gosh, girl, you tell the best stories. :-)