Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Fresh Eggs

Fresh hens eggs are the only way to go. A happy, free ranging hen will bless you daily with her colored orbs. They also make great companions if you choose to get friendly with your birds. They will follow you around the yard, clucking and purring. You can even scoop one up and sit on the porch rocker, petting a hen. A happy hen will cluck, purr, chirp, growl and cluck loudly when an egg drops. The girls are enterprising. When I would mow the yard, I had several hens that followed, scarfing up on whatever bug that did not make it out of the path of the mower. Gross, you say? That is what makes those egg yolks bright orange and stand tall in the skillet. It makes your pies and cookies rich. People will ask what your secret is. I always admit, “fresh, free range eggs.”

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Silly Bee's Chickadee said...

I want scrambled eggs on toast with jelly and butter now. thanks a lot.