Wednesday, February 25, 2009

V.... Vaughn



Saturday I met Virginia Vaughn. She taught a plein air painting class from sunrise to sunset. Literally. I thought getting up at 4:00 a.m. would get me to Calvert, Texas in time to paint the sunrise. I was late by about 15 minutes. The sun does not wait for anyone. Virginia makes it look easy. She has a beautiful style of impressionism and holds her paint brush like a pallet knife.

Early spring in Texas can be volatile . That day, it was a gorgeous rainbow prism colored sunrise and about 1.5 hours later a front blew in, taking our clouds with it. We were given an ultramarine blue sky and wind gusts of 30 mph. We had to anchor our easels and hold tight to our thumb boxes. We had a great, small adventurous group. No one was afraid of getting up early, crazy weather, and using bright, bold colors on their canvases. I hope to paint with them again.

V, I hope you get picked as our Texas Artist. You are the real deal.

My attempt. Why do I always try to do the hard architectural stuff? Whyyyyy?

Two sisters, Barbara and Cecilia. I enjoyed watching them together, such love!


Cecelia said...

Kerrie, your painting looks really nice! Have you finished it?
We're talking about another Calvert workshop, possibly in October. Virginia has other workshops and shows in various places before then. They are on her website.
I put my pictures on the Yahoo group,, and sent to area newspapers, so far. (I don't know if any were used.) I need to do my blog and put the pictures on other places.
Enjoyed reading your blog! (I needed to have put on more makeup that morning!)LOL!
Thanks for commenting on my blog. Jody also ships out the kolaches. We sat in her shop Sunday morning and had kolaches for breakfast, along with a nice visit.
I want to visit the chocolate shop and the old fashioned soda fountain, too.
Happy painting!

pleintexasgirl said...

You all were a fun group of gals. Wish I could have stayed the night and painted the next day, but you see the box of chicks I have. See you again!