Monday, February 2, 2009

Texas Flood/Texas Rocks

Think Stevie Ray Vaughn “The Sky is Crying”. Things got pretty dicey during the July 4th celebration in Central Texas, 2002. It poured, and did not stop pouring. That location is a big river tubing area (Horseshoe Bend on the Guadalupe anyone?) and the diehard party people were not giving up their campsites, rain or not. The Corps of Engineer people realized this rainfall was filling up Canyon Lake and threatening to spill over. They evacuated the campers and homeowners along the river. Then it spilled. It roared for six weeks. When it subsided, it had created a new gorge, exposing the Glen Rose limestone formation from 110 million years ago. You can look more information online @

Richard and I took the guided 3 hour hike and it was fascinating. Acrocanthosaurs tracks in the limestone bed. More fossils than I can describe.

Here is one of the footprints left by the dinosaur.

Just rocks you say? Take a closer look at what I was standing on top of.

This is a large geode formation. Here is a close up photo. Look at the sparkles.

We are glad we hiked this. It is amazing. Also, not one person died in this flood, although many homes were swept away.

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