Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Valentine Chicks

This is what I received for Valentines Day. Chickens. And I could not be more pleased. Well, unless I loaded up on Basset Hounds. As soon as you walked in the door of the Post Office you could hear the cacophony of peeps. I love the box, LIVE BABY CHICKS! Peep Peep!!

My birds came from Murray McMurray Rare Bird breeders. Every chick was healthy and rearing to go. Since I ordered the "Rainbow Layer" mix, I do not know what breeds I have—other than 26 baby hens running each other over. I can tell by the coloring there are at least 7 different breeds in my clutch. And one is a crazy Turken.

It is hard
work being a chick. Whew—I am tired....


kwoolf said...

They are adorable! I want one!!!!

Silly Bee's Chickadee said...

Have you named them all?

Tina. said...

Thanks for stopping by and visiting with me. I love the baby chicks! My peeps will be here in another 41 days as you could tell from my "Great Chicken Countdown"! But I can hardly wait! I just have the Silver Laced Wyandotts because of the cold winters here.

I am looking forward to seeing more pictures of Ruby and her "new basset sister"! I love dogs period but bassets are my favs.

Looking forward to spring here too and hope your garden does well for you!

Genie said...

How are they doing? We just started our grass farm and chickens are on our to-do list, we've yet to build a home for them let alone come home with any baby chicks though. I can hardly wait!

Your Angelina Jolie lips photo of your dog made me laugh. That was a good one!

Totally adding your blog to my blog roll. And, hey, send some of that volatile south east Texas weather west, would you? Our cows are hungry for some fresh grass.