Monday, June 22, 2009

Blast Furnace Heat

We are sweltering down here. I keep checking the 10 day forecast in hopes that a percentage of rain will appear. All I see is a smiling sun picture with no precipitation. I sold all my hens to a woman that had an air conditioned hen house. I have ordered water misters from an on-line company that has commercial quality tubing. The water in the bird bathes has become to hot for birds to visit—and all bathes are located under full canopy tree shade. I turn the sprinkler on low and let the water sprinkle my giant rabbits that are uncomfortable in fur coats. The dogs and wild birds walk into the light jet and cool off. Baby HoneyBelle puts her face right on the jet and lets the water sprinkle all over her honey colored coat. I rush home from work to check on everyone and see how they survived the high heat. Grass is already withered crisp and brown. This is tough. We have had one substantial rain since last fall.

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