Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Testosterone in the Kitchen

Dale is now canning. His mom comes over on the weekends and they go to the farmers market and bring back loads of vegetables to process and can. Peaches are starting to come in and I have pulled out all my peach recipes, I want to freeze and can several kinds. But anyway, a few weeks back, Dale made Plum Jelly. All by himself. He proudly gave me jar and it had great color, jelled perfect, and tasted fine. As I read his label on the lid, I saw that he left his mark as a man. He spelled plum with a "B".

I have watched Dale "plumb" many things over the years. He is the kind of husband that can fix anything. We have lived as neighbors for 20 years. When my daughter grew up, she measured her future husband next to Dale (my husband left us when the children were small and I have not remarried). Thank you Dale, for being a great husband, father, friend, and man in the kitchen.

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Tina. said...

Can you send them to my house? I will let you know when the garden is ready!!!