Thursday, June 11, 2009

He says "Don't Spoil Her"

And look at him. She does her herky-jerky tank run through the yard, random ear tripping. And he just gushes "you are just the cutest lil' thang!" People come to the front door and say "Can I hug HoneyBelle?" No wonder we end up with 70 pound lap dogs. I told my grandchildren that bassets were really royalty from long ago, and they are with us now as beautiful bassets, and it is our duty to give them extra special care. I am sure when they get older I will have some explaining to do, but until then we can believe. You can never have too much love.

Some of the HoneyBelle fan club


Martha Basset said...

Dont forget her internet fan club too!
HoneyBelle is so totally wonderful how could anyone not spoil her?
Enjoy your beautiful puppy.
Martha & Bailey's Mum xxx

tipper said...

I can see why Honeybelle has a fan club-adorable!

Tina. said...

I tell you she is built the same way as HoneyDew! Look at all the wrinkles. I just love it!